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This week a pictorial in an area that I have not previously explored. The world of ballet where posing can transform a human being into a unique shape or form. To create the mood and showcase the transformation of poses we have Jemma Babayeva who is a ballet and contemporary dancer in Toronto. Pictorial Gallery

Ballet is a performance dance that originated in the 15th century during the renaissance period. Later influences from Russia and France helped develop it further into a concert dance form. It is now refined into a highly technical form of dance with its own terminology and vocabulary based on the French language.  The foundational techniques learned in ballet instruction are used  in many other dance genres. To achieve proficiency in ballet requires years of training, practice and dedication. 

The art of ballet is fully alive through the efforts of the National Ballet of Canada which was established as a classical company by Celia Franca in 1951. The National Ballet presents a range of traditional productions including includes works by the 20th and 21st century masters. In addition, the ballet presents contemporary works and actively helps the development of Canadian talent by supporting the creation of new ballets and the development of Canadian choreographers. To obtain tickets or support the National Ballet. creates unique images of fashion, models, people, travel, nature and racing sports by Toronto photographer Peter Watson.


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