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Model for a day workshop:

In this one day session you will learn what it is like to be a fashion and glamor model for the day. Upon arrival your hair and makeup will be done and afterwards it is on to the set to start your modelling. Your new look will be explored through a series of head-shots, fashion modelling, glamor shots and if your daring side comes out a series of tasteful boudoir shots.

Session fees are $250 per model. All participants will receive a CD containing high resolution images, low resolution images for social media and a 13 X19 archival print. * Selected images will be re-touched at no charge to the participant.

Workshop schedule:

10:30 am     Introductions and overview of modelling

11:00 am     "Before" portrait session

12:00 pm     Lunch

1:00 pm       Makeup

2:00 pm       Portrait and headshot session

3:30 pm       Fashion session

Rebuilding your life:

A non-profit photo shoot for cancer survivors as part of their journey to rebuild life.

Workshop schedule:

10:30 am Introductions

11:00 am "Before" portrait session

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Makeup

2:00 pm Portrait and headshot session