The World of Aeronautics

In 2014 the Canadian War Aircraft museum commemorated one of the most notable of  the 419 squadron Lancaster bombers by repainting the colours and markings of "Ropey". The original Lancaster KB772 VR-R bomber nicknamed "Ropey" had an amazing flight service record of 64 operations. "Ropey" was manufactured at Victory Aircraft LTD. of Malton, Ontario in January of 1944. In November 1944 the aircraft was flown to England and delivered to the 419(B) squadron located in Middleton St George, York.

The RCAF Lancaster bombers were known for their colourful paint treatments, with the 419 squadrons having the most heavily painted aircraft. In the case of "Ropey"  it's four engine cowlings were painted with an image of the "Flying Tiger" shark mouth with eyes.



Sentimental Journey

Summer weekends are a vast treasure trove of photographic opportunities. This weekend was no different as the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum played host to Sentimental Journey. She is one of the increasingly rare World War II planes that are still flying today. Interior tours of the plane and flights were available to a lucky few who booked ahead. This was definitely a unique piece of history and the interior tour certainly made it clear that Hollywood movies play liberty with the size of these airplanes. The interior is small and cramped. The environment was harsh, little protection from the elements and enemy fire brings up the truth why so few lads made it home from their missions.

Also, on display and flying that day was the Avro Lancaster bomber, Beechcraft Expeditor and the Fairy Firefly. These aircraft are unique in their rarity.  Gallery

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

In this gallery we have images from the museum whose mandate is to preserve historic aircraft for future generations to remember the war effort. Notably in the aircraft collection is the Lancaster bomber. One of three still in existence that is airworthy. Another aircraft in the collection which was valuable to the war effort was the B25 Mitchell. Both of these aircraft are available for a thrill of a lifetime flight. For more info see War Museum and the Gallery