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Cosplay short for "costume play", which is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea from a work of fiction. The work of fiction could be derived from anime cartoons or television shows, characters in science fiction shows/movies or action adventure heroes. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play. Most people have their first exposure to cosplay when they see a feature on their local news about a Star Trek convention where devoted followers will often dress up in their favorite character.

This part two of the series about latex fashion and costume play. Modelling the latex fashions and cosplay outfits we have a return of Christine who is an experienced and latex and fetish model. Latex fashions for this were provided by Adala Clothing.

Costume Play Gallery

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Latex Fashion 

We glimpse into the world of fetish fashion in this gallery.  Primarily latex apparel was first worn for protective purposes by hazardous chemical workers and other trades. The use of latex first surfaced in early 1900 as a garment intended to help a woman lose weight and in 1940 Playtex introduced a girdle. Both attempts to move into the fashion world slowly faded away. It is thought that the transition of latex clothing into popular culture was made in the 1960s-1970s by experimental fashion designers who worked with different kinds of material in their designs. The early punk movement in the 1970's adopted the use of leather and latex in their stage costumes. There is some evidence to indicate that latex were used in fetish sex in the 1970's. By the 80's the use of alternative materials for popular fashion was actively used and evidenced in many music videos of the day. Fetish wear was still underground but starting to surface and this early time in latex fashion was referenced in Eric Kroll's Fetish Girls through early photographs and eventually published in 1994. Over in Europe fashion was taking bigger risks than sedate America, which gave rise to the formation of<< O >> magazine. Certainly not to be confused with the pedestrian magazine called O; published by Oprah Winfrey. << O >> magazine was first published in 1988 and this art, fetish and fashion magazine helped drive up sales of alternative fashions. In the post 2000 world, the use of alternative fashion and latex materials is easily visible in music and Hollywood movies. Today we can find latex clothing available for sale in many boutiques and major specialty clothing chains.

In this set we have Kassandra Love who is a very experienced model in this genre and Vaeda Girl. To see the images from the set see the gallery LatexDuo.

Tiana Hunter

Tiana Hunter is a a professional model located in San Francisco. She specializes in fine art and fashion, but works in other genres; including glamour, runway, commercial print, and lingerie. Her credits include Modern Salon,  Singha Beer, Photo-France, Chaos & Babalon,  Revolver,  Makeup Artist magazine, Popular Science, Playboy, Karin & Raoul, Nerve, MESS cosmetics, Wilda, All Things Beneath, Donna L'oren, StockinGirl, Anna Hovet, Allison Dahl, &more. Tiana can be contacted through One Model Place.


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