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50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang

June 30, 2014 - The Ford Mustang, manufactured by the Ford Motor Company was based on the platform of the second generation North Americ...
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Lancaster Heritage

June 20, 2014 - In 2014 the Canadian War Aircraft museum commemorated one of the most notable of the 419 squadron Lancaster bombers by r...
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The Marshall: The Story Behind the Photograph

June 19, 2014 - The Marshall They said that a few days of rest and relaxation was what I needed. It will heal your spirit and your he...
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Vintage Motorcycle Racing

June 16, 2014 - The warm weather is finally in first gear and with it we have the kickoff race of the Vintage Motorcycle Road Racers eve...
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Visiting a Bygone Era

June 10, 2014 - The wail of a siren, clank of the streetcar bell, the lumbering sound of a diesel truck and the whoosh of a bicycle quic...
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The Sport of Polo

June 03, 2014 - Polo is a team sport played on horseback on polo ponies. The objective is to score goals against an opposing team. Playe...
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