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Global Warming

February 24, 2017


As one gets older you experience the passing seasons and you recollect on whether this summer was hotter or this winter has been colder. The subject of global warming is periodically in the news as weather stories or as politically derived stories on policy. One does not have to live to be 100 to experience the effects of global warming. It is closer than you think.

The wintertime is when many photographers choose to park their cameras until warmer temperatures prevail. This past weekend I got to experience both winter conditions and record temperatures. An hours drive took me to a local snowmobile racing event. The event was actually re-scheduled from December to February due to a lack of snow. The temperature at the race track was a balmy 12 degrees Celsius. It makes for unusual conditions to photograph the races. Melting water in the spectator area and flying snow from the track. In the midst of this, the race announcer made sure to tell all of the fans that sunscreen was available at the concession stands. The race announcer was quick to followup and inform the crowd that next weekends race in London was to be relocated to the Barrie race track. I had my doubts as the weather forecast predicted record high temperatures. We shall see what the outcome is; but I have to reflect on the balmy temperatures by digging out my summer t-shirts.

As our weather patterns continue to change, our daily lives may have to change with it. Weddings may be re-scheduled for early morning to avoid the mid-day heat. Snowmobiles races may be pushed to ever further northern climates. Weather photographer may become a career path for some. The motorsports racing season may have to be shifted to the more temperate part of the year. 

There are many who discount the theory of global warming. I surmise that this in part is due to a large segment of the population does not travel out of their local region and if they do it is to familiar destinations. The more you travel, the more you see examples of global warming occurring. The example that was very clear and direct to me were the retreat of the glaciers in the icefields. Comparing photographs taken in the early 1980s to recent photographs; confirms that this is no longer a theory. My only suggestion for photographers is take advantage now of the events that you enjoy because they may not be around tomorrow.

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