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January 24, 2017


In the deep! In the deep!Sting Ray!

As we move through our daily life we see technological advances that affect our everyday lives. For the older set out there we have seen major strides in technology including the transition from LP records, compact disc, MP3 and finally to streaming music. Telecommunication has also evolved from rudimentary telephones with crank handles, to rotary dial handsets and then the modern era ushered new choices such as in Voice Over IP phones and mobile telephones.

Cameras have also evolved from the early days where chemical processes were used to develop film. Modern cameras no longer capture an image on film but capture an image via a sensor and are stored on a memory card. What hasn’t changed in over 100 years is the popularity of the snapshot camera. In the early days of photography, the Kodak brownie camera was revered by the masses for its ability to take snapshots. A large part of our early social history is preserved due to the introduction of these mass market cameras.Today technology has merged the popular snapshot camera and a mobile phone technology into a portable format that most people carry around.

Attending a sporting event, family gathering or going to a tourist destination quickly illustrates how popular mobile camera phones are and the degree to which people use them. There are more pictures taken with these devices than all other types of cameras combined.

The best part of the mobile camera phones is that the camera technology integrated on these units is very good. The image quality can be quite astonishing. Mobile camera phones may be lacking some of the bells and whistles on modern and complex but DSLRs but there is one factor that surpasses the DSLR. This is the mobile factor. Most people will carry their mobile camera phone with them everywhere. The reverse is true for the DSLR or mirrorless camera which are taken out selectively.

It is time that mobile photography gets a little bit more love and respect. To encourage more respect for mobile photography here are some resources to get your mobile photography up to a higher level.

Let’s start by looking at Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone 7 plus. The camera on this phone features:

* Optical image stabilization

* A f1.8 aperture

* Quad LED tru-tone flash

* 12 megapixel sensor

* 7 megapixel front facing camera for selfies

* Two lenses for wide angle and telephoto use

* Portrait mode to enhance background blur

* 4K, 720 p and 1080p video formats

* Slow motion and time lapse video

If Apple is not your thing, here are a couple of good alternatives in the mobile camera phone space. Google offers the Pixel at a comparable price to the iPhone and has received good reviews. Another good choice is the Huawei P9 with its dual cameras.

Apple offers you a pretty good photographic tool to create some great pictures. To learn how to use your camera and improve your mobile photographic technique; here are some good web resources.

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