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November 05, 2017

Travel to far flung countries involves quite a bit of planning. Sometimes the best laid plans go to waste when mother nature rears its head. This was the case on a long deserved break to Costa Rica.

The first couple of days were what we imagined; a smattering of clouds and rain interspersed with sunshine. Exactly what was to be expected in the rainy season in Costa Rica. Plams were made for treks through the jungle, exploring the coastline, seeing a volcano and a side trip to Nicaragua.

Then hurricane Nate struck causing vast amounts of rain and wind. Our resort was flooded and this caused us to evacuate and move to facilities that could shelter us from the driving rain. All of our planned activities were cancelled and a form of house arrest was enforced by the weather. A solid four days of rain and we were ready to head back to the airport. We took off from Costa Rica in nice sunshine but we knew that the severe rain was going to pummel the US eastern seaboard.

In retrospect it was the worst vacation in 30 years.  I look back and think about the many good vacations over the years; so I guess 1 out 30 isn't bad. It was also a learning experience as well. I always assumed I was a savvy traveler; but there are always things to learn in life.

Here are some travel tips to prepare you for some unexpected surprises. Chances are you will not encounter Mother Natures worst conditions but a little of planning never hurts.


  1. If tough conditions arise; be proactive in evacuating and also alerting the air carrier and travel provider of the conditions.
  2. Frequently charge your phone in case of sudden emergencies.
  3. Pack some extra plastic bags to keep valuables and medications dry.
  4. Learn to laugh. Things may be tough in a bad situation; but losing control is far worse. Learn to deal with the road bumps in life.
  5. Always provide your travel itinerary and detailed plans with friends and family.
  6. Don't assume your airline or vacation provider will come to your rescue.
  7. Keep up to date with travel advisories through the US State Dept Travel site and the Australian government travel site.

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