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Going All In! Part Two

September 03, 2016

PrincessPrincess Once again we have one of the biggest shows to hit the Toronto convention center in 2016. Throughout the year there are a number of conventions that come to Toronto, most of them pedantic and innocuous and the majority of the population is not aware of them. Most of these are technical trade shows or conventions that cater to a specific professional audience.

The biggest shows at the convention center tend to be oriented around consumer products; like the Auto show. One of the biggest events that a lot of the population isn't aware of is the annual Fan Expo show held in Toronto. In its 1995 inaugural year only 1,500 attendees showed up. In 2015, there over 127,000 attendees. The 2016 attendance numbers will likely surpass 150,000. This is a big event with partial road closures, traffic calming and crowd control in effect. Far bigger than you think. The attendees range in age from childhood all the way up to senior citizens. Attendees are not shy in emoting their fan favorites in gaming, television, movies and anime.

The attendees at the show may arrive in their street clothes or as their favorite characters costume. To me I think you have to go All In for this event. There is no in-between. If you arrive in street clothes you are the casual fan with a passion. A simple costume reveals that you are half geek and it shows. If you go All In with an elaborate costume and embrace it, you have transcended Geekdom into being totally cool. This is why I love the event.

Here are the gallery images from the coolest of the cool.




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