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Gaining Traction

September 02, 2016

This week will be a different kind of post. I have been on a photography hiatus most of the summer due to a detached retina. The medical procedures to treat this and the recovery time can be quite significant. A detached retina is a very serious condition that can lead to blindness if not treated right away. Thankfully in Canada we have a magnificent health care system and all the bills were covered. I can't imagine if I lived in another country where my medical care could be so costly that I would have to sell off all of my camera equipment an then tap into my life savings.

As you get older it is a good idea to be pro-active in managing your health. If you notice any kind of visual disturbances, blackness, floaters or partial vision get to your nearest opthalmologist or hospital right away. It could be the difference between leading a normal life and a white cane. If you would like to learn more about retinal detachments consult the information at WebMD.

In this weeks galleries we have two updates. A series of picture taken at the IMSA GT races just before my retinal detachment and some vintage motorcycle racing taken after medical treatment for my detached retina. So far so good. I can still take pictures and enjoy photography. My recovery is still on-going and time at the monitor has to be reduced. In general I am happy and will be continuing with photography. More updates to come.

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IMSA GT Racing









Vintage Motor Cycle Racing













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