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April 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In this update we have the return of Kaitlin Chapple. You may remember her in the pictorial set True Romance which was part of a fundraiser for PFLAG Canada. Kaitlin has been published internationally in many commercial print and magazine editorials. To top this off she has extensive experience in live performance, runway shows, events and in film/television media.

In this feature set we go back to an era of Mad Men, pinups and hats that made a statement. To bring out that bold vintage look Kaitlin models a vintage bathing suit, lingerie, a noir styled dress and a glorious pill box hat that reminds me of the glory days of airline travel.

My immediate thought was that of an airline attendant from Pan Am.  Pan American Airlines was a global airline back in the 1960's which was featured prominently in the movie Catch Me If You Can. Back then this was considered to be a very desirable job due to the lure and romance of international travel. Today airline travel is not romantic and is fraught with delays and security checks. 

To see more of Kaitlin have a look in the Gallery.

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