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Frozen BodiesFrozen Bodies


The last winters have been harsh with rapidly changing weather patterns. This is just a foreshadowing of severe patterns we will experience as a result of global warming. Winter can curtail our recreational and pursuing our hobbies. A lot of people; photographers included; tend to hibernate indoors or pursue activities that do not require embracing the elements.

That is a real shame as the photographic beauty of winter landscapes is quite stunning. Look beyond the snowbanks, skidding cars and the people who curse the winter. Snow and ice can form and be transformed into unique sculptures. Ice can crack and create unique patterns or rearrange itself into stunning jigsaw patterns.

Photography in the winter requires a little bit more preparation; but it is well worth it. You need to cover off the basics first. A warm coat, boots and gloves are a must. Then there are some little extras to make your outing more enjoyable. Wool socks, scarf and hand warmers all come to mind. Your camera needs a little bit of care as well. Typically your battery life will be shortened so keep an extra battery in your shirt pocket to keep it warm. If you are brave enough to shoot in very harsh conditions then a camera/lens cover may also be necessary. The last thing to help extend your time outside is a thermos filled with some nice hot cocoa or soup. For some inspiration on creating your own winterscapes have a look at the Winterscapes Gallery.

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