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Going All In!!!!

September 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The mainstream media has a tendency to only provide coverage of popular sports, hobbies and pastimes. There is more to life than mainstream interests. Television has created a world of spectators instead of participants. You know who they are; the armchair quarterback, the sofa hog or PC jockey. Typically full of criticism and self-loathing of any activity that is outside the norm or not televised on TV. Thankfully there are people that are outside the norm and do participate in their own hobbies and interests.

Some would call the people that attend FanExpo or Comicon as freaks and weirdos. Look at this from a different angle. They are actively participating in something that they love. This is a far cry from the bench warming activities of the armchair quarterback. In the Gallery you will see people that have a zest for life. We could all learn something from their passion.

Did you ever wonder how they went from a casual hobby or interest to the "All In" just like in Texas Hold Em' poker. In photographic terms they went went from being a snapshot photographer to full "Pro" mode. What they have is passion and commitment. Attendees of Comicon and FanExpo spend months creating their costumes and plan their travel activities around these events. Total commitment and passion. Imagine what would happen to your photography if you had this passion, this drive. Maybe you should attend the next FanExpo or Comicon event to rekindle your desire and drive for photography.

A hint for photographers, you might want to hire a FanExpo or Comicon attendee as your next model. They already know how to hit the poses.


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