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The American mid-west is fascinating with its iconic scenery and cliche characters. It is an area that draws me back again and again.  The cast of characters included everything from cowboys to the rich and eccentric in Jackson Hole. Whether your subject is landscapes, wildlife or people it is a photo rich area that keeps a photographer engaged.

This time around it was a visit to another part of the American West. The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone park. If you are looking for an area of the US where you can capture the iconic images that America was built upon then you should definitely consider a trip here. The wildlife is plentiful, scenery is intense and and good all around hospitality. 

The best time of year to go is the shoulder season between fall and winter. As winter sets in early in this part of the continent the optimum time for a trip is the middle to late September. The summer crowds have diminished and most services are still available in the parks. A bonus is reduced rates on hotels and less crowded restaurants.

Thinking of a trip to the US mid-west? Here are some informational links to get you started on your journey:

US Park Service Yellowstone

US Park Service Grand Tetons

US Park Service Devils Tower


Wyoming Inn         4 out of 5. Highly recommended by TripAdvisor and myself.

Explorer Cabins     5 out of 5. Highly recommended

The only negative on the trip was a chef that should be fired for inadequate food preparation skills in a small town restaurant in Wyoming. Can't win them all, but a good memory was the cowboy barbecue at Custer State Park which was a lot of fun.

Images by WatsonPhotography.ca and Cistrone Photography


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