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Goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015!

January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year!

New Years marks the end of a year and the birth of a new year. To celebrate the birth of a new year we have a picture of a young pup. Bold and full of energy to mark a new year. This young pup was photographed lying in the back of a truck waiting for his owner to come out of a local outfitter in Yellowstone. The puppy was overjoyed when his owner returned. Dogs give you love and joy and ask for nothing in return.

Each year I look back at what I have shot through the year and evaluate the images. Some I like and some I wish I hadn't taken. This year I am pretty happy with my final selections for the year. As I reflect on the images I feel happy and confident for the new year. You can view my final selections for the year in the Gallery.

Now for some wild predictions for 2015.

1. Chance of Canon releasing a high megapixel DSLR is 30%.

2. Chance of Nikon releasing a pro-level DX body in 2015 is 10%.

3. This will be the year we see a pro level mirrorless body.

This will probably be the year I don't make any gear acquisitions. 2015 is the time to take my current camera to its full capabilities and see what I can deliver. This will be coupled to investments in photographic education. My goal is to deliver high quality images across a broad spectrum of the photographic spectrum. We will see where I am in 6 months time. This is when most people have given up on their New Years resolutions. Best of luck to you on your resolutions for 2015.

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