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Failure to Launch

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As we get older our ability to overcome life’s' challenges becomes stronger. This is achieved through overcoming previous failures and building upon our knowledge in life and education. Common phrases like "Build a strong foundation and your home will last." and "Failure is not an option" are certainly words to live by. But how do you get to a point in your photography that you can get yourself to the next level. 

Too many amateur photographers only take pictures of a subject that they are specifically interested in and they discount all other subjects. Quite often they don't diversify into other areas of photography due a fear of failure. This fear may have developed early on in their photographic journey through negative feedback on their images or by analysis paralysis critique of their own images.

As your portfolio develops and you increase your outreach in the photographic community you will encounter photographers that have strong talents on one specific niche. Did they get to this point by simply picking up a camera and concentrating on shooting fashion, macro, birds or racing cars? No, they learned to experiment in different areas of photography until they found a niche that they excelled in.

Overcoming your fear of failure will lead to greater learning as a photography and can help you diversify into other areas of photography. You may find that exploring different areas of photography you may find your strongest photographic strength.

To really overcome your fear of failure there are two main approaches. The first opinion is to face your fear head on and the second option is to embrace failure. Both options will teach you valuable skills on your photographic journey.

Which type of photographer are you? Embracing your fear or learning from failure?

The best way to move forward on your photographic journey is to equip your selves with the skills to overcome your fears. Focus on the psychology of fear and improving your photographic skills as a first step. To help you on your journey here are some web resources to get you going.

Resources to help you on your photographic journey.

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