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2015 Snocross Event

February 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In 2015 there has been record breaking winter temperatures and snowfall. There are a select few who relish the wintertime to race their snowmobiles. Everyone from the junior class for kids to the pro racers who defy gravity. An hours drive from my home was one of the regional snocross races. The shooting conditions were challenging with icy temperatures and fresh snow dropping later on in the day. Snocross racing is similar to motocross racing where you have a tight race course with turns, jumps and straightaways. 

What is exciting is that the races feature all classes of races. You can see the little tykes race their Yamaha and Arctic Cat sleds. Then things get exciting when you see the more advanced and pro class racers with their high performance high horsepower sleds. The days of the old Ski-Doo with a small engine are gone. Top sleds like the Polaris racing sled are not for the faint of heart. Serious horsepower and capabilities. 

If you are missing some racing action action in the winter you can go and get your fix by attending a local snowmobile race. Dress warmly and take an extra battery for your camera. Snocross racing photo gallery.

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